My entreaties died in the caverns of your eyes
And my flags surrendered to the winds of despair
My days escaped to find your door closed
?And what transpired with the object of my cries
...Two years and she didn't hear the melody of my strings
And she didn't see the light of my sky
I freed the love in my heart and squeezed it...Then I drank grief
From a dirty chalice
And I became torn. I had no prestige or luxury to tempt you with
..So then leave me with my grief
,If you squeeze the years of my life completely
The blood from my wounds would flow
If I had riches, you would not have refused my love
But I am in a state of difficulty, a state of poverty, a state of weakness.
I suffered... I suffered
But I do not reveal my sorrow, and you did not know a thing about my suffering
I walk and smile, oh Layla, because I'm stubborn
So I hide from the people, my approaching death
For if they knew what is the matter, they would try to console me
And I knew that they could not
Deprivation rests upon my brow and sucks my blood
And only he can allow me to smile
You are forgiven for aborting my hopes
The fault is not yours; it was my foolishness
I wasted my procession in the desert
And I came, looking for myself in your eyes
I came, looking for happiness in your embrace
Like a child, I formed my innocent dreams
And you planted your palms and uprooted my veins
And you are planted without the kindness of my pleasures
...she emigrated
My lost cities emigrated away from me
And my sails never left her
I was exiled and the strangers settled in my country
And they destroyed all my beloved things
Your eyes betrayed you
With forgery and lying
Your confusion decieved you
My lady
I came as a butterfly to place within your hands, the colors of my wings
Then injustice burned my wings
I screamed while the sword was implanted in my chest
And the betrayal destroyed my huge hopes
you also, I perished on your hands
I perished from your hands
Because you preferred my murder and loved the sound of my groans
And so I deleted your precious name from my ********s
Therefore, they will be told without Layla... Layla
.Therefore they will be told without Layla, my stories