She told all of her friends
He is the one that couldn't be swayed by even the greatest of women
Watch him while I wrap him, like a ring around my finger
And watch his face turn red, if he sees me with another
You'll see him in my hands, weaker than the most weak
!And you'll see him strewn under my feet, like the autumn leaves
!Oh! You tyrant

You are the one whose name I held higher than all women
Hurt my heart and tear it apart if it ever did you wrong
!Oh! You tyrant

Woe unto me, oh oh you tyrant
Woe unto me from the sword that stabbed love
?Woe unto me. How long I was decieved on my pillow
Woe unto me from the dawn which begins my life without you
!Woe unto me, oh you tyrant

, Although I am suffering, ruined and dead
Don't think that I would ever want revenge
I can only offer my heart, my love and my respect

I am patient so you will never see a tear drop
You'll see the meaning of patience within my weak body
And tonight you will see me dancing beautifully