Kazem El Saher Honored

He was honored by England, France, Italy, America, Canada, Malaysia, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia and the generosity of his Iraqi people.

Here are some of his honors:

Oscar won the Arabic song and the title of the ambassador of the Iraqi song in 1996 from Baghdad.
He got the creativity necklace from Baghdad in 1997 on the national stage
He was awarded the Medal of Excellence by the Order of King Hussein and handed over by the Medal Queen Noor in 2000/2001.

Received the Order of Merit from the Tunisian Ministry of Culture in 2000.

Won the Best Arab Singer Award and the Fares Award for Arabic Song in 2001 in Egypt during the Seventh International Song Festival.

He won the best Arabic singer award in Lebanon in 2001, 2004 and 2012 the Murex Award.

Kazem El Saher won the best singer in the Middle East in a referendum for Brazilian radio in 2002.

Kazem won the World Music Award for the Middle East, North Africa and Iran and the Audience Award in 2004.

He received the Order of Merit for the second time in Tunisia in 2004 and gave the former President Zine El Abidine a speech of honor.

I have been honored by many Arab newspapers and magazines throughout the Arab world through the referenda that have been made by Kazem the first singer for consecutive years.

Kazem El Saher has been honored in many festivals held throughout the Arab world.

It was written by the largest foreign newspapers in France, Italy, America and Malaysia and was spoken by many foreign radio stations.

In 2005, Al Saher won the key to the ancient archaeological city of Fez and is the second person to get this key as he was received by the great Syrian artist Sabah ***hri.

Al-Saher was considered the most famous Arab singer in Asia, according to a survey of the Indonesian media network.

The Emir of the State of Qatar honored Operetti for opening the 17th Gulf Championship in Doha.

Awarded by the Arab Women's Association by Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak, wife of the former Egyptian president.

He was awarded the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Prize.

He won the Golden Oord Award for Best Arabic Singer for 2010

He returned to the Iraqi capital of Baghdad in May 2011 to be appointed Goodwill Ambassador for the Care of the World's Children and Children of Iraq, especially by UNICEF in May 2011.